Kitschup Creations

Celebrity Prayer Candles 


Handmade , Unique and retro inspired gifts

for Kitschy Cultured People !

Free Domestic Shipping !

Personalized Custom Candles

Who can choose just one ?

We have hundreds of designs adding more .. and more .. every month !

Why choose us ?

Because we have the highest quality prayer candle with amazing graphics , artistic composition and style, Plus we rock !


We are the largest celebrity prayer candle distributor in the US and Europe. Others may say they are but they can't hold a candle to us ...

Custom Personalized Prayer candles

are a perfect gift for the saint in your life .


This is crazy fantastic . Genius idea and it looks and feels fantastic. I bought it for my daughter .When I took it out of the box my younger daughter said "Mom , that gift just MADE Christmas " enough said . 

Nancy Wilson

This candle is PERFECT . And the box was marked with the funniest "fragile " stamp I've ever seen. The added note was the icing on this awesome freakin' cupcake of a gift . 

Erica Ruvolo

I'm ordering more . Right Now. Beyond what I thought it would be in quality , color and everything . PERFECT GIFT !! I am so excited about this (these.. since I am ordering more ! )

Rachel Jarboe

Shut up and take my money ! Everything from Kitschup Creations is sooo Awesome !! 

Teri S

I received this candle Friday and it's AWESOME ! It's much bigger than I anticipated. The candle has a really rich color and is very pretty . The picture is phenomenal . It's very vivid and the quality is exquisite . I would definitely purchase another one ! I'm very happy ! 


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The Sound Garden , Baltimore and Syracuse 

Easy Street , Seattle WA

Wildfang , Portland OR

Monster Music , Charleston SC

Skip Records and CD World  , Eugene OR

Omega Records , Dayton OH

Open House Living , Philadelphia PA  

Park Ave. CDs  , Orlando FL

Salzers Records , Ventura CA 

Zia Records , Phoenix AZ

World of Mirth , Richmond VA

DevaneyDoak and Garrett Booksellers , Farmington ME 

Wonderland , KCMO

Its A Beautiful Day , KCMO 

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